How To Get Your First Roadie or Concert Technician Job... 20 Replies

Depending on the size of a live concert tour, many "roadies", also known as "techs" or "Concert Technicians"  are employed behind the scenes to produce a successful show. Have you ever gone to a concert and wondered, "how do they get this whole stage set up, and torn down in one day?" Typically, a live concert production arrives at the venue between 7 am and 12 noon and is ready for showtime at 7 pm. After the show, the entire production is loaded back into trucks and is headed off to another…Continue

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Roadie Job Search Ideas... 10 Replies

Here are a few larger companies with areas of their websites dedicated to roadie related jobs such as event production, crew jobs, audo and lighting AV jobs, and cruise ship roadie jobs. These are employment pages where you can browse jobs, and send applications or resumes. AEG LIVE JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoterCIRQUE DU SOLEIL JOB SEARCH -…Continue

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Can You Describe An Average Day Working As A Roadie In The Concert Touring Industry? 13 Replies

What is your average work day like?Working in the Concert Touring Industry, you probably have one of the most interesting jobs in the world.  Let's hear about yours! Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Mark Shane HatfieldContinue

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What was your favorite tour? 35 Replies

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Do you prefer being a roadie in the United States Or Europe? 4 Replies

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What's it like being a roadie on a cruise ship? 30 Replies

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Joseph Price
  • Male
  • Melbourne, Vic
  • Australia

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  • Heather Graham
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Joseph Price's Page

Profile Information

Build and repair electric and classical guitars and have a shop that deals mostly in boutique effect pedals and pickups from around the world.
Work History:
Have toured and repaired for artists such as Sugar ray, Nina, Reef. Been working on guys rigs for over 15 years
001161 415 912 892
Additional Comments:
Specialise in set ups, nut work, fretwork, refrets and tuning problems. Can deliver work overnight for international touring acts

Joseph Price's Blog

Guerrilla Nut filing on the road

Soxys tech tip - don't own nut files?

Just need to lower those slots a little bit?

Easy - Take some old strings, cut a piece of each into a short length....around 20cm long.

Now, buy some 400 grit wet and dry paper from the hardware store. Wrap a piece AROUND THE STRING.

Holding the paper and the string you can now pull the string TIGHT at each end.

It will now cut like a very smooth file. Use each string for each slot. (So your A string goes in your A string…


Roadie on June 9, 2013 at 9:30pm

Nylon string guitars - reduce the headaches!

This one goes out to Kevin. May the good weather in Australia hold for his visit at the end of the month.

Nylon string guitars can be tough to deal with. Much larger neck relief, rarely a truss rod ( actually a good thing tonally, less so for set up adjustment) and strings which seem to have a mind of their own can make dealing with nylon string guitars a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The situation with tuning can be precarious at best. Here are some of the issues and…


Roadie on March 21, 2010 at 7:00pm

Tech Tuning Tips - TTT part two

Just a quickie - every tech has their own preference for "stretching in" fresh strings.

I was shown this way a few years ago and found it worked better for me than other ways i was using.

Simply get the string on. Now Fret the string at the 1st fret, tug at the neck pick up. Fret at roughly the 6th fret, tug, 12th fret, tug, 15th, tug. Adjust this recipe to suit guitar/player. If you play a neck through metal guitar/ hamer chaparrel then be sure to fret the 27th…


Roadie on March 18, 2010 at 11:00pm

Tech Tuning Tips - TTT part one

Hey all, I would like to add some tips that I've acquired over the years which have really helped me and my customers get in tune and stay in tune.

Ok - Lets look at an under utilised trick which pays dividends. Many years ago mr Van Halen spent time in interviews detailing how he went about stringing and setting up his (then) non-locking - i.e pretty standard fender vintage style - tremelo.

One of the things he referenced was "twisting" the ball ends to help eliminate slack… Continue

Roadie on March 17, 2010 at 11:06pm

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At 6:25am on May 6, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
I'm on the road about 6 months out of the year, sometimes 8. Don't know these huge Belgians. I'm pretty average. It's usually the Dutch that are super tall.
At 8:30am on May 3, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
Yes I am Belgian but my mom is American. Grew up both in Belgium and in the US, east coast. Moved back to Europe for a while, met my wife, then moved to Mexico for her work. Then we moved to Arizona also for her work. Not sure about George Lynch but Dave Mustaine lives here and I think some people form Sepultura. Alice Cooper is born and bred here.
I wouldn't mess with Kangaroos man. They can kick you with their hind legs.
At 5:09pm on May 2, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
Hello Soxy,

It was great. Sorry to get back to you so late I just never seem to get time to go online when touring. I did get to see a bit of Sydney harbour and a petting zoo! Fed some kangaroos. I also came home with a nice leather hat that will come in handy at the festivals. I live in the desert of Arizona so it's a good investment.
At 4:35am on March 27, 2010,
Dr. Dot
I don't need to tour anymore as I have a world wide team-

Sometimes I fly out for one VIP client, but not often
At 3:04am on March 23, 2010,
Dr. Dot
Never been to OZ yet mate


At 9:10am on March 22, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
Another tech.....? No it's just me for the last four years. Going a bit insane actually. Monitor guy helps out loads though, he's kind of the drum tech but we really need someone else. Anyway, I'll see what I can do for the list. My cell is +1.520.891.5764 so you can send a text when it gets near. Email will be harder as I'll be very busy on the road.
At 7:27pm on March 21, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
Well they call it Gypsy Punk. There's about 9 people onstage, bass drums, electric guitar but we've also got percussion, violin, and accordion. It's like a cross between the Pogues and the Leningrad Cowboys. It's a pretty high energy show and lots of fun so you should check it out. It's definitely called Billboard. The website is Here is the address:
170 Russell St, Melbourne 3000
ph: (03) 9639 4000
At 6:17pm on March 21, 2010, Kevin Devogel said…
Hey Soxy,

Not in town yet, we'll be arriving on the 27th on the West Coast. Basically we have a gig each day with lots of flying so it will be crazy. We'll be in Melbourne on the 30th of March. The band I'm with is Gogol Bordello. We'll be at a place called Billboard. Stop by if you want.
At 11:42pm on March 17, 2010,
Dr. Dot
Hi Joseph :)

At 10:09pm on March 17, 2010,
Nathan Garduno
Good advise i just carefully did it in between the strings with fast fret. It seems to worke for me.

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