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Hi All,

I am Simon Perks, Stage Manager, Audio tech and Backliner.

Many know me as the SM at Germany's Rock am RIng or at the Swiss version of Sonisphere.

I also work for David Gilmour and can count being the last stage manager for PInk Floyd as a highlight in my career so far.

I live and work from Switzerland, I speak several languages and am at home with Europe's customs and most importantly the way they work.

So tell me of your experience over here, the good, the bad and the Ugly.

I'll start with a good experience for you all.

Last year at Rock am RIng I had the metallica "Snake Pit" tour visit us.

A daunting 4am load in meeting a lot of red eyed and cold young American techs, greeting them all and at the same time giving the orders to my German crew things got rapidly underway.

It was then I met Stryker the Stage Manager for Metallica.

I'm British and kinda look it, tall and thing & no sign of a Sun tan, this Chap towered over me, wearing a silver safety helmet and man was this guy loud. I'm known for my no mess attitude and it goes "This Way Now!"

Stryker was amazing, heres a man of experience and a man in control, nothing was too much to ask for and He was prepared to bend to whatever we had to do, this included striking the entire drum riser so we could use the centre of their stage set for the other acts to get on and off.

This I was not expecting and showed His level of understanding and professionalism.

What a great day, great Crew and a monster show.

Compare this to the so called SM from another lesser known German band on the same billing, who i will not name.

I operate a roundabout conveyor system on my stages.

All the bands are lined up on rolling risers in order and we go on stage left and off stage right.

The German (who drives on the other side of the road) insisted it was done the other way round, in the end I had to do "Simon Say's shut the fuck up and get of MY stage Now!" 

There was no greeting from this guy or discussion, no visit to my office for a calm coffee before hand, compare this to Stryker, a calm head who know's he's a visitor and handles with respect and concern for others, even down to seeing the camera guys were not having problems.

So America tell me how's Europe for you?

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