How Road Crew Gigs Are Found- Websites Vs. Word of Mouth

Websites such as Crewspace,  Bobnet, and Tour Ready are popular resources for roadies looking to find gigs.Do a simple web search and you'll find numerous other websites too, all of them offering similar "concert touring roadie hiring solutions".The question is, how many people who work in the touring industry find their gigs using an agency, website, or social media group, vs. more traditional roadie hiring methods such as direct personal references, AKA "Word of Mouth".Employers, what methods do you use most often to hire crew?YOU can help answer this question.Try to think of how you were first introduced to your current or past employers and employees."Website" (or any type of job board, agency, etc., who did not know you, or the employer)"Word of Mouth" (personal reference from someone who knew you, and the employer)"Both""Other" (please explain!)-RJContinue

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Roadie Job Search Ideas... 10 Replies

Here are a few larger companies with areas of their websites dedicated to roadie related jobs such as event production, crew jobs, audo and lighting AV jobs, and cruise ship roadie jobs. These are employment pages where you can browse jobs, and send applications or resumes. AEG LIVE JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoter.  CIRQUE DU SOLEIL JOB SEARCH - Worldwide entertainment production.  HOLLAND AMERICA LINE -Cruise ship jobs.  LIVE NATION JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoter.  PSAV JOB SEARCH - Audio/Visual event production company.  Have you worked with any of these companies before?Your feedback and advice is appreciated!Please Reply Below.Continue

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Can You Describe An Average Day Working As A Roadie In The Concert Touring Industry? 13 Replies

What is your average work day like?Working in the Concert Touring Industry, you probably have one of the most interesting jobs in the world.  Let's hear about yours! Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Mark Shane HatfieldContinue

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What was your favorite tour? 35 Replies

Ever wondered who are the best Artists/Bands/Tours to work for?Tell us about the best tour you ever worked,and why it was so great.Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Tim LawrenceContinue

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Ever wondered who are the best Artists/Bands/Tours to work for?

Tell us about the best tour you ever worked,

and why it was so great.

Looking forward to your replies!

Photo Credit: Tim Lawrence

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Mayhem 2012 Tour with Slipknot Headlining! Woot Woot!! Slipknot runs a very tight ship, from the clothes you were as what is expected from you. Nothing but true professionals!!


And 'wear' was your favorite venue?


The Dreadnoughts - Summer Tour 2011 - they were the drunkest band ever, for real:) 

WWE was 1 of my favorite tours to do I ran props with them for 2 years and it was a map of my life. Everyone was very laid back and relaxed now I am staying local and rigging but I'm looking forward to going back out on the road at least for a couple more years.

Nice!  I got to meet Alice at Harrahs Rincon Open Air Theater in Valley Center, CA a few years back.  My buddy Brian Sateia was teching for Keri Kelli, we got to go back to get a photo with him after the show.  What a nice guy!

Wow Great Question I have been lucky enough to work on all kinds of tours like Justin Beibers tour etc mostly in the creation of Magic EFX but my best ( and Worst ) tour would have to be David Copperfields mainly because I got a managing position when I was fairly young as Illusion manager but I was also the pyro/special Efx guy. animal wrangler, onstage assistant , truck loader and consultant so I worked 16 hours a day most days. I did this for about 6 or 7 years and loved the creative part and although it took me a couple years to learn how to be a camelion and jump from  working with Union guys to throwing on a suit and meeting the bussiness guys then back to jeans and speed wrinches for load outs and from starting off the toughest Ahole I could be then getting nicer and nicer as the day progressed ( anyone that deals with truck loading and marking your teritory will know what I mean by this.)

But I met Presidents and Kings and people like Michael Jackson knew my name and said Hi when they came in,


We were always working on the next TV special and invited to amazing parties and events. It was a lot of world travel and one of the best learning experiences of my life. It helped to make me the man I am today for good or bad.

Thanks Michael.  I agree, the life experience you get from traveling all over the world, experiencing all the different cultures etc., is most rewarding of all!

Mine would have been working for Poison 2001-2003 as the stage manager/carp. I worked my ass off, but well worth it! The after show party's were the best. What a great group of guys to work for!

So many good times that I can't even recall them all! And the women OMG they would do anything and I mean anything to get backstage. But hell I was single at the time and took advantage of it all!

Mark Hogue my mentor actually told me to slow down, as I took it to the extreme when it came time for running after trim. LOL Great times!! Love my extended family!

Wait,  I think there is a Poison crew photo on here somewhere,  I will try to find and post above.

I love the fact that you had to be told to tone down the running of "trim".  Awesome!

Hey what can I say?  I guess I took up the back lounge to much on the crew bus but hey, I am a man and have needs!! LOL

Sounds like that hasn't changed much since the early 90's


I miss those days.

Every Rollings Stones tour I have ever done was the BOMB. Hell, I would have worked just for the food. They have the best catering EVER. The band is friendly and fun, I got to see all of Europe and got paid well. I was hired just to massage Charlie Watts, but always ended up massaging everyone.


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