How Road Crew Gigs Are Found- Websites Vs. Word of Mouth 1 Reply

The internet has many popular resources for roadies looking to find gigs.Do a simple web search and you'll find numerous other websites too, all of them offering similar "concert touring roadie hiring solutions". (Crewspace, Bobnet, Tour Ready, etc.)The question is, how many people who work in the touring industry find their gigs using an agency, website, or social media group, vs. more traditional roadie hiring methods such as direct personal references, AKA "Word of Mouth".Employers, what methods do you use most often to hire crew?YOU can help answer this question.Try to think of how you were first introduced to your current or past employers and employees."Website" (or any type of job board, agency, etc., who did not know you, or the employer)"Word of Mouth" (personal reference from someone who knew you, and the employer)"Both""Other" (please explain!)-RJContinue

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Roadie Job Search Ideas... 10 Replies

Here are a few larger companies with areas of their websites dedicated to roadie related jobs such as event production, crew jobs, audo and lighting AV jobs, and cruise ship roadie jobs. These are employment pages where you can browse jobs, and send applications or resumes. AEG LIVE JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoter.  CIRQUE DU SOLEIL JOB SEARCH - Worldwide entertainment production.  HOLLAND AMERICA LINE -Cruise ship jobs.  LIVE NATION JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoter.  PSAV JOB SEARCH - Audio/Visual event production company.  Have you worked with any of these companies before?Your feedback and advice is appreciated!Please Reply Below.Continue

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Do you prefer being a roadie in the United States Or Europe?

Where Do You Prefer Touring, United States or Europe?

What are the main differences?

What do you like or dislike about touring in Europe?

What do you like or dislike about touring in "The States"?

Looking forward to your replies!

Have you placed YOUR pin on the map?

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I prefer touring the U.S mostly, second would be Asia, I don't like the UK because its hit or miss if they let you in to work. I've had it happen several times where they would deny my work visa saying that I would be taking away a job from someone there.

I'd much rather play Podunk in France than in the US: much better food.

I prefer touring in Europe and much of Asia.

While good times are had both in the US and EU as well as other places, I always enjoy a good walk around a city in the EU.


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