How To Get Your First Roadie or Concert Technician Job... 20 Replies

Depending on the size of a live concert tour, many "roadies", also known as "techs" or "Concert Technicians"  are employed behind the scenes to produce a successful show. Have you ever gone to a concert and wondered, "how do they get this whole stage set up, and torn down in one day?" Typically, a live concert production arrives at the venue between 7 am and 12 noon and is ready for showtime at 7 pm. After the show, the entire production is loaded back into trucks and is headed off to another…Continue

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Roadie Job Search Ideas... 10 Replies

Here are a few larger companies with areas of their websites dedicated to roadie related jobs such as event production, crew jobs, audo and lighting AV jobs, and cruise ship roadie jobs. These are employment pages where you can browse jobs, and send applications or resumes. AEG LIVE JOB SEARCH - Sports and entertainment promoterCIRQUE DU SOLEIL JOB SEARCH -…Continue

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Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Speedy May 13, 2013.

Can You Describe An Average Day Working As A Roadie In The Concert Touring Industry? 13 Replies

What is your average work day like?Working in the Concert Touring Industry, you probably have one of the most interesting jobs in the world.  Let's hear about yours! Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Mark Shane HatfieldContinue

Tags: Average Work Day, Job Description

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Kyle Simkins Apr 18, 2014.

What was your favorite tour? 35 Replies

Ever wondered who are the best Artists/Bands/Tours to work for?Tell us about the best tour you ever worked,and why it was so great.Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Tim LawrenceContinue

Tags: Great, Favorite, Tour, Best

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by david talbott Mar 28, 2014.

Do you prefer being a roadie in the United States Or Europe? 4 Replies

Where Do You Prefer Touring, United States or Europe?What are the main differences?What do you like or dislike about touring in Europe?What do you like or dislike about touring in "The States"?Looking forward to your replies!…Continue

Tags: Touring, United States, USA, Europe

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Travis M. Walat Jan 25, 2013.

What's it like being a roadie on a cruise ship? 30 Replies

Cruise ships employ many people in Music and Touring Industries.Let's hear from those of you who have done this type of work on cruise ships before.Is this something worth looking into?Looking forward to your replies! Continue

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Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Luís Carlos Marciano Jr Aug 15, 2014.

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