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Up for Discussion:


Hi, my name is kevin and its the same story everyone else has. I want be on the road. See the world. Not go to the same place doing the same thing every single day. I have played guitar sonce i was little so i have knowledge with tuning, pedals, bad cables, handling equipment, diagnosing technical issues. So if anyo e needs a stage hand or quitar tech please let me know.

Started by Kevin Tompkins in General Discussion Forum May 9.

Bus Mileage and Distance Between Cities 32 Replies

Hey guys...anyone know of a good resource for calculating mileage between cities, more or less estimating the routes that a bus would take? I know mapquest is one...any others?

Started by Teresa Gozdzielski in Transportation. Last reply by www.LaserLightShow.ORG Mar 20.

New to the business 6 Replies

I have been wanting to get a job with a road crew for a long time now. I have thought on and off about it for years (my hometown doesn't really offer any opportunities for such work) and now I am determined.I have some knowledge of equipment as far as tuning a guitar or hooking up cables ect, but I am not an expert. I consider myself to be pretty handy when it comes to fixing things that need attention and I am a very fast learner. I have plenty of sales experience and plenty of experience…Continue

Started by stuart woody in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by stuart woody Mar 5.

Why Are You On The Road? 12 Replies

Out of curiosity, what prompted you to carve out a career on the road? Was it the irrisistable prospects of easy money and fast, easy women?  Or was it the promise of all the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll you'd heard so much about? Maybe you was lured in by the "glamorous lifestyle".  Or are you one of the proverbial "failed rock stars"?Personally, my main aim was to piss off the detractors and haters that I grew up with. The people who disliked my refusal to take life as seriously as they did,…Continue

Started by Andy Matthews in Archive. Last reply by Kyle Simkins Nov 11, 2016.

Tour Bus Pet Peeves 5 Replies

Anyone who's spent more than a few days living on a tour bus has experienced the annoyances associated with living in tight quarters.Here's the question, what are your biggest pet peeves?  Slamming doors, loud music, bus-call infractions, leaving a mess, dirty socks in the front lounge...What are the things that really get under your skin?Do you have the ultimate "unruly bus-mate" story?Please leave your comments below!Continue

Tags: Pet Peeves, Bus, Tour

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Anthony Andrews Oct 6, 2016.

To Teach or Not To Teach? Why keep "trade secrets"? 20 Replies

I started in the Entertainment industry when I was just 13 years old working at a Summer Stock theatre in N.W. Illinois.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some great people who didn't see me as this "annoying kid" but as a peer who worked side by side with them as a professional.  The basics of the industry to me where as natural as breathing, for I had been raised in a blue collar construction based family.  But it was the fine tuned details that I had to learn.  (Lingo,…Continue

Started by Kyle Simkins in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Elizabeth Birt Apr 29, 2016.

Help! 2 Replies

I am looking to get into a career as a roadie, but I don't really have any experience. I would love to get on somewhere as a stagehand or general crew member. Anyone have any good suggestions or advice?Continue

Started by stuart woody in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by stuart woody Mar 10, 2016.

The Playhouse Theatre London

Hello Guys, maybe some one worked sometime in The Playhouse  Theater London, I need to know whats the stage size, maybe if someone have a CAD could be great!Thaks guyssee you on the road...BenjiContinue

Tags: London, stage, StageManager, Venues

Started by Benji Sultan in General Discussion Forum Feb 17, 2016.

what's with all these $1000/week gigs advertised on this site? 172 Replies

I don't get it, these kind of weekly rates haven't been the norm since the early 90s... do people actually think they can get half decent and experienced crew at those rates? Does this mean that sites like this are unfortunately (and unintentionally) dragging down touring rates while trying to connect bands/managers with experienced crew? Thought this might be worth some discussion. cheersContinue

Started by Sean Richards in Tour Managers & Production. Last reply by Russell Sladek Feb 8, 2016.

Looking For Roadie Position 1 Reply

Hey there! I'm a nearly 19 year-old with a passion for being on the road. I'm currently looking for any positions on tour that I can get. I've done a lot of volunteer work at local shows, including some stage production and merchandise management/sales. I have minimal knowledge of music equipment, as I only recently became a musician myself. Still, I'm a hard worker, fast learner, and very much a people person. I currently reside in Georgia, USA, but am willing to travel somewhere else to begin…Continue

Tags: roadie

Started by Petra Kent in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Robert Grueneberg Jan 16, 2016.

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