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New to the business 6 Replies

I have been wanting to get a job with a road crew for a long time now. I have thought on and off about it for years (my hometown doesn't really offer any opportunities for such work) and now I am determined.I have some knowledge of equipment as far as tuning a guitar or hooking up cables ect, but I am not an expert. I consider myself to be pretty handy when it comes to fixing things that need attention and I am a very fast learner. I have plenty of sales experience and plenty of experience driving a van and pulling a trailer. Currently I work at a Playhouse and I try to learn as much about what the ins and outs are backstage as possible. I know there are similarities but it isn't exactly the same, the biggest and most obvious difference being we don't travel. Any tips on what I can do?Continue

Started by stuart woody in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by stuart woody Mar 5.

To Teach or Not To Teach? Why keep "trade secrets"? 21 Replies

I started in the Entertainment industry when I was just 13 years old working at a Summer Stock theatre in N.W. Illinois.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some great people who didn't see me as this "annoying kid" but as a peer who worked side by side with them as a professional.  The basics of the industry to me where as natural as breathing, for I had been raised in a blue collar construction based family.  But it was the fine tuned details that I had to learn.  (Lingo, equipment, ect..)  Most people I had come across were willing to teach me everything they knew about the industry, but then I moved from theatre to arena rigging and outdoor concerts.  This is when I ran into people who were safe guarding "Trade Secrets".  Why?  If you are worried that someone is going to take your job if you teach them how to be efficient and SAFE at the job, then you are complacent and no longer willing to work and learn new things to keep your job...... When I walk into a venue, I expect to learn something new every day.  It could be about my job, another departments job, or even about myself or others, but I learn something new every time.  I have no problem teaching others what I now know, I had to learn everything the hard way.  I'm not making it "Easy" and just giving the information to a person, they have to learn it but I give them the opportunity to do so.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel the more people know there job, the safer I can feel that I'm not going to DIE due to someone's incompetence.  What does everyone else feel on this......am I off base?  Please discuss......Continue

Started by Kyle Simkins in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by David Bubba McKown Nov 8.

Tour Bus Pet Peeves 6 Replies

Anyone who's spent more than a few days living on a tour bus has experienced the annoyances associated with living in tight quarters.Here's the question, what are your biggest pet peeves?  Slamming doors, loud music, bus-call infractions, leaving a mess, dirty socks in the front lounge...What are the things that really get under your skin?Do you have the ultimate "unruly bus-mate" story?Please leave your comments below!Continue

Tags: Pet Peeves, Bus, Tour

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Armond ' Crazy' Toth Oct 27.

Full Sail. Worth it? 68 Replies

I was wondering if Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fl was worth it. Anybody know? I am currently working on getting my degree from Columbia College in chicago in music business but i keep seeing all of these full sail commercials etc. and how they claim you can earn your degree within 2 years or so. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.Continue

Started by Mike Moses in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Katharine Maupin Nov 26, 2015.


I have been busting my ass going to shows, networking, and emailing band managers. I still haven't gotten picked up for a tour.How does a twenty year old female with minimal experience get picked up for a tour? Also, does anyone out there on roadiejobs know someone they could connect me with?I'm driven and hard working! I have a TRUE passion for crew work and it kills me when I don't get emailed back or get told that they have their crew set.How do I approach people within the music industry for a job? Also, how do I convince them that they would benefit from having me work for them??Continue

Tags: job, work, crew, gig, passion

Started by Helen Ramirez in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Gary J Brunclik Nov 25, 2015.

Drums - Tuning - Heads

Drum tuning .... how many of us use one of these? The more I use it the more in can't live without it but do I still use my ears or only my eyes now? The answer is both. Even though it's become an invaluable aid and the advantages of being able to dial in a head silently while the band are playing is heaven, it's not however perfect by any means, I still have to make the last tweaks by ear. Having tried all the drum key versions this is by far the best. Remo heads .. nope .. don't work.. theres always a wrinkle or 2 that are not out and the tuning jumps after a hit or 2. Aquarian YES!! Chris Brady thank you, thank you, thank you, I can honestly say that with these heads its near perfect every time. So now you know my thoughts lets have yours.Continue

Tags: aquarian, simon perks, heads, tuning, drums

Started by simon "cozmo" perks in General Discussion Forum Nov 20, 2015.

Favorite Digital Consoles? 46 Replies

What is everyone favorite digital console, or brand of digital console and why?Continue

Tags: Live, Sound, Consoles, Digital, Monitors

Started by Adam Zorn in Audio Discussions. Last reply by Milos Kovalevsky Dec 6, 2014.

All FOH Engineers. Where do you stand on channel input gain? 72 Replies

I was talking with a fellow FOH engineer about the desk starting point of input gain for all mic's at a live event. I start at "UNITY" then EQ, Compress (if needed) then adjust faders to about the same db for all channel inputs (some where about 10db), then adjust slightly (+,-) to get the mix sound I want. On the other hand my friend gains the mic's way up until they all peak "RED LIGHT" then backs them down 1-3 db then runs the faders on the desk anywhere from 20 db to 5 db per channel depending. I argue that I have more headroom and a level mix with more "SPACE" in the mix. He disagrees. What is your style and comment?Continue

Tags: unity, peaking, gain, input, Engineers

Started by Robert Davis in Audio Discussions. Last reply by Greg Cotter Oct 12, 2014.

What is better; qualifications or experience? 5 Replies

Hello there,I've been wanting to get into a career in music as a sound tech and FOH, but I was wondering which path is better to take? Education/qualifications or experience?Thanks,CallumContinue

Tags: beginning, Experience

Started by callum leech in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by George "Banjo" McNeill Jul 24, 2015.

Mixing Metal Bands. Artist management techniques, please! 14 Replies

I'm new to FOH. Learning on the job with a local sound company who runs everything from small arena shows (Judas Priest, BOC) to a variety of casino and club installs.I've been "given" a small rock club after successfully doing a few summer festivals and casino dance bands. Now I learn that not every musician wants to be professional, and why my boss hates metal bands!This weekend we had two stoner/doom band showcases with 8 acts and 2 semi national touring acts.The tour acts were great.The local metal and punks, not so much. With up to 4 stacks of guitar cabs and the idea that "cranking it up to 11 = a great sound". I could go on, but believe ultimately that my job is to create the best sound for the venue I'm in. So. Two questions. The first is more important and probably relevant.1) When mixing say, 2 locals and 1 semi national. What is your gain structure? i.e. 70% for openers/ 90% headliner? Is this a thing? 2) How do you effectively speak with young metal/punk bands about stage volume down before pulling your mics and/or shutting them down.I'm sure this is all basic, but I'm new, and never liked the techs who threw their hands in the air/cut the power/or threw you out... =DContinue

Started by Steve Fisher in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Steve Fisher Jun 9, 2015.

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