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"That Great Gig in the Sky"!

I know it is already almost a month into the new year, but with our unpredictable work schedules we post and chat topics when we can.......December 13th 2014 this industry lost a great man.  Keith Hughes.  Touring with steel stage structures for over 30 years Keith has toured with U2, Toby Keith, and countless others.  He was a friend, mentor, and family.  Many may know him as the Bald Brit Bastard he was, but he knew what he was doing everyday he walked on site.  His last employment was with UpStage Center out of Houston, TX working with the same steel he toured with for more than half his life.  If you knew Keith and have any fond (or not so fond) memories please feel free to comment.  He has meant so much to so many for so many different reasons.  Also, if you have someone to remember that we have lost this year, please comment and honor their lives as they have made the trip to "The Great Gig in the Sky".Continue

Started by Kyle Simkins in General Discussion Forum Jan 26.

Corporate Playlist 2 Replies

Once again I am the operator in a Breakout room. So in between sessions I am pondering what titles I should put in a corporate playlist. Any suggestions would be helpful.Imagine me a Corporate DJ :OContinue

Started by Rich Devonport in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by William C. Feb 27.

Experienced PA/PC Branch Out Advice? 2 Replies

Hey there, PC with 5+ years of road experience looking for a little advice. I've been with the same band for my entire road career - and they've been great. But the calendar going forward is empty for over 2 months for the first time in a long time. I'm looking to get maybe on a short tour or fill my calendar up with production related work that won't replace or compete with my band once they get back into their spring/summer swing. Suggestions from other PA's or PC's on what they do in the off months would be much appreciated! Thanks! Continue

Started by gabriela parra in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by gabriela parra Feb 2.

Using shadow/darkness in lighting design 1 Reply

I like to use shadow/darkness in my light design if allowed or possible. So i was wondering how others use darkness as a part of light design. I don't believe it should always be without shadows(except when doing camera lighting or similar). With this said i am curious how much you guys use shadow/darkness on stage. Is it depending on genre and style of music or on artists request or something totally different?Continue

Started by Saso Arizanovic in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Valeria Silva Feb 15.

Why Are You On The Road? 11 Replies

Out of curiosity, what prompted you to carve out a career on the road? Was it the irrisistable prospects of easy money and fast, easy women?  Or was it the promise of all the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll you'd heard so much about? Maybe you was lured in by the "glamorous lifestyle".  Or are you one of the proverbial "failed rock stars"?Personally, my main aim was to piss off the detractors and haters that I grew up with. The people who disliked my refusal to take life as seriously as they did, so ultimately disliked me. I lost count of the times I was told, "Give it up, loser. You ain't ever gonna get anywhere. Get a PROPER job..!"I come from what's known as a "New Town", just outside of London. Back then, kids left school at 16, got a job in a factory or on a building site and bought a second hand Ford Capri. This was closely followed by marriage, a mortgage,  2 point 4 children and the Capri being traded in for a family saloon.  Even though I have no musical ability, I was determined to find something I could excel at. By chance, I was offered a job at NEMS Enterprises in the Black Sabbath office. It was 1974 and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" had just been released. The guy conducting the interviews was an extremely camp executive accountant and, in those days, I was slim and attractive with long blond hair. He offered me the job on the spot. (Don't get me wrong...he never made any kind of advances toward me). I spent the next few years working for various record companies, but could never really get on with "record company people". (You KNOW what I mean, right?)In 1978 I was owed a favour, so Wayne County and the Electric Chairs took me on their UK tour. I'd found where I wanted to be.My big touring break didn't come until 1982 with Yazoo. For the next 30 years, I never looked back. I toured worldwide with a variety of bands and found a very satisfying way of pissing all those haters off. Whenever I was in New York or Los Angeles or Sydney or Tokyo, they would get a…Continue

Started by Andy Matthews in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Andy Matthews Jan 29.

What is better; qualifications or experience? 4 Replies

Hello there,I've been wanting to get into a career in music as a sound tech and FOH, but I was wondering which path is better to take? Education/qualifications or experience?Thanks,CallumContinue

Tags: beginning, Experience

Started by callum leech in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Mauricio Espinoza Jan 17.

Theatre vs. concerts/live events vs. corporate 4 Replies

Hey, so I'm currently in school getting connections and working away trying to learn all the practical skills I need. But when I graduate next year I know there are several paths to walk. I wonder what the thoughts are in the professional world about these three paths for someone who enjoys being a stage hand but is very driven by lighting. I know there are several varying differences in each field. So I suppose in short I wonder about balance between and how to do that or what may be the best way to go about it, or if I should try and thrive in one passion as apposed to spreading too thin. Thoughts?

Started by Jeff Elrick in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Terry Smith Jan 17.

How to 3 Replies

I have interned in television and have helped with special concerts but I would love to start try working as a PA for a tour. Only problem is I have no idea how to go about getting there?Anyone have any advice for me?Continue

Started by Alexes Shaw in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Dillon Mann Jan 13.

What were your highlights of 2014? 6 Replies

  It's that time of year again and 2014 is coming to a close.    Roadiejobs wants to know…...  What were your highlights of the year?  Please reply to this discussion and let us know.  You can also upload photos/videos to your reply.  Looking forward to hearing your best event production stories from 2014….-RJContinue

Tags: Highlights, 2014

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by James Kusyk Feb 27.

Mixing Metal Bands. Artist management techniques, please! 13 Replies

I'm new to FOH. Learning on the job with a local sound company who runs everything from small arena shows (Judas Priest, BOC) to a variety of casino and club installs.I've been "given" a small rock club after successfully doing a few summer festivals and casino dance bands. Now I learn that not every musician wants to be professional, and why my boss hates metal bands!This weekend we had two stoner/doom band showcases with 8 acts and 2 semi national touring acts.The tour acts were great.The local metal and punks, not so much. With up to 4 stacks of guitar cabs and the idea that "cranking it up to 11 = a great sound". I could go on, but believe ultimately that my job is to create the best sound for the venue I'm in. So. Two questions. The first is more important and probably relevant.1) When mixing say, 2 locals and 1 semi national. What is your gain structure? i.e. 70% for openers/ 90% headliner? Is this a thing? 2) How do you effectively speak with young metal/punk bands about stage volume down before pulling your mics and/or shutting them down.I'm sure this is all basic, but I'm new, and never liked the techs who threw their hands in the air/cut the power/or threw you out... =DContinue

Started by Steve Fisher in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Josh Carlson Dec 20, 2014.


What's New..

Adam 'Stix' Mills commented on Roadiejobs's group Drum Techs
"Hi guys, I'm a drum tech in the UK  Haven't been in the game for a couple of years, and I'm looking to get back out there. Please feel free to contact me for any crew jobs you may have. Thank you."
William C. replied to Rich Devonport's discussion Corporate Playlist
"Our audio guy always uses Acoustic Alchemy. There's nothing to distract from the important work at hand."
Feb 27
James Kusyk replied to Roadiejobs's discussion What were your highlights of 2014?
"Winning another primetime Emmy Award for Cinematography."
Feb 27
Evan Candiano posted a discussion

Looking for General Labor Position With A Tour

Hey everyone, I'm 22 years old.  I'm looking for work without any experience. I have experience in working with the carnival so I'm used to traveling and the long hours. I have education in technology and can learn quick. Not to mention I'm…See More
Feb 26
Joreth replied to Rich Devonport's discussion Corporate Playlist
"I'm building several playlists organized by, well, not genre exactly, but tone?  Feel?  Mood?  So far I have Walk-In Pop, Walk-In Retro/Vintage, & Walk-In Classic.  My Pop playlist is all current within the last, oh,…"
Feb 26
Mark "CAVEMAN" Fecteau replied to Lala Productions's discussion LP has 3 positions available now! in the group Job Center: LEADS
"still looking for help??"
Feb 24
carl morford posted a photo
Feb 24
Romain Tocanne posted photos
Feb 24
pam commented on Roadiejobs's group Tour Managers
"Hello I am a massage therapist looking to go on a summer tour if anyone who needs one please contact me I have excessive knowledge in back and neck pain and also do a mean deep tissue. I cater to artist when they pass through my home state Wanting…"
Feb 22
George "Banjo" McNeill replied to Roadiejobs's discussion How much can you make working as a "Stage Hand"? in the group Job Center: LEADS
"It sounds about right... Yeah those Carnegie Hall elite, are on constant over time! Anything less than 8 hours turn around equals $$$! D.C. where I work mostly when not on tour, can be great! You just have to work your way up to being busy all the…"
Feb 16
Liz Sabicer commented on Roadiejobs's group Job Center: LEADS
"Looking for A1's to run the console at several lounges in Southern CA - if you're off a tour and just want the occasional night - let me know! "
Feb 16
Halima Ali posted a discussion

Looking for a job

Hi guys, I have zero experience as roadie but would love to get my foot in the door. I live in the UK and graduate 19 months in Computer Networks, I currently working for a healthcare company and I'm am feeling completely dissatisfied with it. I…See More
Feb 16
Valeria Silva replied to Saso Arizanovic's discussion Using shadow/darkness in lighting design
"I agree with you. Shadow deppends on what you are lighting. In my case when I´m lighting a band I like to let the audience eyes rest a bit so I use some darkness for some parts on the songs when possible. For example, intros of the song if the…"
Feb 15
Just Marycha posted a discussion

European Tour

Hello Everyone, just want to know if it´s possible to get a Job for a European Tour. I leave in Germany, I speak fluently three languages (German, French, English). I would love to work with a Concert-Production agency. Please find more information…See More
Feb 9
Rich Devonport posted a discussion

Corporate Playlist

Once again I am the operator in a Breakout room. So in between sessions I am pondering what titles I should put in a corporate playlist. Any suggestions would be helpful.Imagine me a Corporate DJ :OSee More
Feb 6
Jennifer Gross posted photos
Feb 5
gabriela parra replied to gabriela parra's discussion Experienced PA/PC Branch Out Advice?
"Sorry Liz, I'm new to the MB's and didn't get this till now. Thanks for the advice, will definitely try reaching out to local production companies. Currently based out of LA. "
Feb 2
Nick "Rocket" Bechard posted photos
Jan 29
Andy Matthews replied to Andy Matthews's discussion Why Are You On The Road?
"GOOD answer..."
Jan 29
Gianni Rosati replied to Andy Matthews's discussion Why Are You On The Road?
"I guess when you are addict to something like playing live shows, the combination of all the musician the sound guy the light show and the staff make that every shows a unique moment  that give me a great feeling:) And we meet so great people…"
Jan 28

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