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Terry Babb commented on Peter Moll's group Video
"Pro video director/engineer available for any size gigs anywhere December - April... I'm your all in one video guy: Spec, build, setup, troubleshoot, Switch, shade, run robos, playback... Save $$$, I do it all. Clean appearance, Great attitude.…"
Graphic Equlizer Productions posted a status
"We are planing tours for 2016. Anyone that is sound Enginer that can speak English and German we need you for USA tour in May."
Katharine Maupin replied to Mike Moses's discussion Full Sail. Worth it?
"How much does full sail cost? I graduated from The Art Institute with a degree in Digital Film and Video Production so that gave me some basic knowledge in lighting and audio, not so much for live stage productions though. I want to be a roadie, and…"
Jim The Soundman replied to Mike Moses's discussion Full Sail. Worth it?
"I've met several Full Sail grads who can't tape down a cable properly or set up a tripod screen.   Sad but true.   "
Andy Villegas replied to Mike Moses's discussion Full Sail. Worth it?
"I have been there,actually renting gear to the daily buzz. Most people who went there either never got a job in the field of study or go to Disney and work as level 4 techs $(12.50 an hour. The only way to get ahead is to be really good at tech…"
Gary J Brunclik replied to Helen Ramirez's discussion FEMALE ROADIE IN THE US LOOKING FOR JOB!
"Good Luck, At this juncture your best route would be to get on some local crews where you live. Work in the clubs, work in the IATSE crews as a stringer if you must. Find a local venue you can  showcase your skills? What are your skills?…"
Helen Ramirez replied to Helen Ramirez's discussion FEMALE ROADIE IN THE US LOOKING FOR JOB!
"This is the best advice I have ever received! I have many friends in the music industry that are BIG and well known. How do I ask if they will mentor me or help me out?"
Suzzy Q replied to Helen Ramirez's discussion FEMALE ROADIE IN THE US LOOKING FOR JOB!
"I am coming in very late on this conversation. I don't spend much time on Your question hit a mark for me because I remember when I asked the same questions. I am a female sound engineer (though I do more production/stage…"
Nov 23
www.LaserLightShow.ORG posted a status
"New Video from P.A.W.N. LASERS - www.LaserLightShow.ORG -…"
Nov 23
simon "cozmo" perks replied to Kyle Simkins's discussion To Teach or Not To Teach? Why keep "trade secrets"?
"Interestingly on a face book live engineer group one of the members posted : "We have an apprentice at work (IT) that I've been told I need to get him up to speed on some AV basics. Has anyone come across a one stop document or website…"
Nov 23
Roger DeSouza replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"You will be fine! If you need more tips email me at I know the production company for Brazil well... "
Nov 23
simon "cozmo" perks added a discussion to the group Rigging

The missing link

No one was injured & nothing was broken. The motors were relatively new and on hire from a well known company with a good service record. Safety and correct use of spreaders preventing any kind of domino effect. Has anyone else had this kind of experience, where the motor clean cuts the chain as it passes through the guide block? And gold stars to anyone who can guess where it was?See More
Nov 20
simon "cozmo" perks posted a group

Backline Service Switzerland

Backline Service Switzerland & Backstage Supply is the Family run company owned by Simon Perks ( Stage manager & drum tech) and His Wife Andrea.As well as providing a professional backline hire and all things backstage from gaffer tape to fresh towels, Simon is the stage manager for David Gilmour and also the famed German festival "Rock am Ring"Here in this group you can discuss anything backline, ask us questions and follow the future exploits of Simon on tour.Feel free ...Oh and there will also be shameless promotion of Simons 2 bands "Hulk City" & "Triangular Electric"See More
Nov 20
simon "cozmo" perks replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"Actually we have already shipped the entire lighting rig and LED screen set up. Production and backline go by air freight at the end of next week. The only thing we are sourcing at that end is the PA ( L-acoustics ) "
Nov 20
simon "cozmo" perks replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"Yep ... Me n the crew ...  That was shot at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Of all the Stage Manager jobs I have this is by far the best when it comes to being able to do the quality and professional job we all dream of ..."
Nov 20
Rafael Namidomi replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"Just be careful in the airport, outside the stadiums, try not to use your phone on the streets, things like that... Gabisom will probably be the company who will provide gear for you in Brazil, talk with the techs, they are cool and know the cities…"
Nov 20
simon "cozmo" perks replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
Nov 20
Alejandro "Sandy" Bermudez replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"I live un lima, Perú. Just be calm and take it easy, thigs go in a diferent speed."
Nov 20
steven graham replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"Lived in Colombia for 6 months, and have been to Brazil. The people are very friendly, but as others said, don't leave things around, cause if you do they won't be yours for very long."
Nov 20
Roadiejobs replied to simon "cozmo" perks's discussion Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour
"If you are touring with David Gilmour you won't have to worry about the safety of your hotel rooms ;) No more than any other major city in the world."
Nov 20


KURIOS About Tour Life Episode 1

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Dispatch - Madison Square Garden 2015

Added by Nick "Rocket" Bechard          *Upload Your Photos

KURIOS About The Big Top- Episode 2

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BOZ Tour 2015

Added by Mike Jackson           *Upload Your Photos

KURIOS About The Creators Minds- Episode 3

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Foxy Shazam Operation Rising Star

Added by Paul Turner          *Upload Your Photos

KURIOS About The Gears- Episode 4

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The Kentucky Headhunters- Greenville, WI,  Sat. 7-11-15 from Guitar World.

Added by Scott Keys          *Upload Your Photos

KURIOS About Acronet- Episode 5

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Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge, WA

Added by Aaron D. Pearl          *Upload Your Photos

David Gilmour: Rattle That Lock South American Tour

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Electric Zoo NYC 2015 Main Stage

Added by Brian Moore          *Upload Your Photos


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Full Sail. Worth it? 68 Replies

I was wondering if Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fl was worth it. Anybody know? I am currently working on getting my degree from Columbia College in chicago in music business but i keep seeing all of these full sail commercials etc. and how they claim you can earn your degree within 2 years or so. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.Continue

Started by Mike Moses in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Katharine Maupin on Thursday.


I have been busting my ass going to shows, networking, and emailing band managers. I still haven't gotten picked up for a tour.How does a twenty year old female with minimal experience get picked up for a tour? Also, does anyone out there on roadiejobs know someone they could connect me with?I'm driven and hard working! I have a TRUE passion for crew work and it kills me when I don't get emailed back or get told that they have their crew set.How do I approach people within the music industry for a job? Also, how do I convince them that they would benefit from having me work for them??Continue

Tags: job, work, crew, gig, passion

Started by Helen Ramirez in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Gary J Brunclik on Wednesday.

To Teach or Not To Teach? Why keep "trade secrets"? 19 Replies

I started in the Entertainment industry when I was just 13 years old working at a Summer Stock theatre in N.W. Illinois.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some great people who didn't see me as this "annoying kid" but as a peer who worked side by side with them as a professional.  The basics of the industry to me where as natural as breathing, for I had been raised in a blue collar construction based family.  But it was the fine tuned details that I had to learn.  (Lingo, equipment, ect..)  Most people I had come across were willing to teach me everything they knew about the industry, but then I moved from theatre to arena rigging and outdoor concerts.  This is when I ran into people who were safe guarding "Trade Secrets".  Why?  If you are worried that someone is going to take your job if you teach them how to be efficient and SAFE at the job, then you are complacent and no longer willing to work and learn new things to keep your job...... When I walk into a venue, I expect to learn something new every day.  It could be about my job, another departments job, or even about myself or others, but I learn something new every time.  I have no problem teaching others what I now know, I had to learn everything the hard way.  I'm not making it "Easy" and just giving the information to a person, they have to learn it but I give them the opportunity to do so.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel the more people know there job, the safer I can feel that I'm not going to DIE due to someone's incompetence.  What does everyone else feel on I off base?  Please discuss......Continue

Started by Kyle Simkins in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by simon "cozmo" perks Nov 23.

Brazil, Chile & Uruguay ... David Gilmour 11 Replies

So here I am at home in the Swiss Alps getting ready for a tour in Brazil , Chile & Uruguay in December.I was just wondering as it's a part of the world that I have never been to if anyone out there could give me a few tips .... Who's been?What was it like?Anyone there now?CheersSimon""Continue

Started by simon "cozmo" perks in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Roger DeSouza Nov 23.

Drums - Tuning - Heads

Drum tuning .... how many of us use one of these? The more I use it the more in can't live without it but do I still use my ears or only my eyes now? The answer is both. Even though it's become an invaluable aid and the advantages of being able to dial in a head silently while the band are playing is heaven, it's not however perfect by any means, I still have to make the last tweaks by ear. Having tried all the drum key versions this is by far the best. Remo heads .. nope .. don't work.. theres always a wrinkle or 2 that are not out and the tuning jumps after a hit or 2. Aquarian YES!! Chris Brady thank you, thank you, thank you, I can honestly say that with these heads its near perfect every time. So now you know my thoughts lets have yours.Continue

Tags: aquarian, simon perks, heads, tuning, drums

Started by simon "cozmo" perks in General Discussion Forum Nov 20.

Needed audio engineer to work on a cruise ship.

My company is hiring engineers for our ships.Lots of cool perks and benefits compared to most cruise lines. Good hear. Travel the worldEmail me for more details.Jrrecording@gmail.comContinue

Started by JR guenther in General Discussion Forum Nov 12.

2 Lighting intern-positions available

2 Lighting intern-positions , starts Jan. 2nd, finishes Feb. 10th, 2016I have the need and desire to work with 2 "interns" (for lack of a better term), specifically for Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago.Plenty of future opportunities once you survive our first mission together.So, this is a 5-week gig, with airfare, accommodation and food, all covered by mine, your client.You must already be motivated at becoming a lighting guy or gal, and willing to work long hours, dedicating 5 straight weeks to learning/practicing/perfecting your new craft..Organizing and preparing for events, always putting safety first, people first, fixture setup, cable runs, power and data connections, troubleshooting, possibly climbing, working with another culture entirely, speaking to people, crew/equipment/stage managing/babysitting. Plus some limited design, drafting, programming and operating. You will not be disappointed with your teacher or your room for opportunity.This is NOT for anyone with: ..color-blindness, any major health issues, complete comfort issues, partial world views, constant smartphone usage, careless behavior, poor communication, difficulty eating from few options, difficulty using public restrooms even nasty porta-potties, known sleeping inabilities, any real issue working hard physically and mentally.Carnival in Trinidad is like a marathon of events (fetes), from one place to the next, and almost always involves soca music with the exception of chutney-soca, calypso, steel-pan bands, Hindu arts, etc.This is an excellent opportunity to truly learn how to perform most duties, also accelerating your skills as an LD, a lighting tech, and a human being.This is not a slave gig, but you will work to your limit physically and mentally.  I just hope your limits are high, cause there is simply no room for lazy day-dreaming short-cutters. This is NOT working on the beach in the Caribbean, but mostly in a concrete jungle and a crash-course experience to say the…Continue

Started by Jimmy Duke in General Discussion Forum Nov 8.

Storage/warehouse facility in NY/NJ area. 5 Replies

Hey all, I'm looking for a new storage space for band gear. I realize finding a place in this area that meets my requirements may prove to be as elusive as the three legged, pink jackalope but I have to try anyway. -It should be secure (but doesn't have to be museum quality). Just proper security for the type of stuff it's holding. -Easy load in and out and ideally parking for a multitude of vehicles. Cargo van, box truck, buss w/tralier, and semi. We don't want to be blocking traffic and having people honk at us, and cops ready to write tickets. Ground floor is ideal but a freight elevator works too as long as it works properly and is of decent size elevating multiple trips. -Relatively easy commute to and from Manhattan via car and also possibly some form of public transportation such as Amtrak or NJ Transit. -Climate controlled. Again don't need museum quality but I don't want to freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. This is after all housing instruments and electronic gear. -Be able to hold quite a bit of gear. Our gear makes up about 500 cubic feet! It easily fills a 24 foot truck. -Power outlets so one can do some prep work and maintenance on the gear when needed. Any leads or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.Continue

Started by Kevin Devogel in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Luxvry Sep 29.

Bypass looper pedal routing issues 2 Replies

Hey guys,Hoping to get some info here. I've got a guitarist that's using the Carl martin Octaswitch. Yes I know, not everyone's favorite but he got it free. It works and does what it needs to do. It switches amp channels, bypasses his pedals but also can create presets of multiple pedal combinations. What's stumping me is how do I route some pedals in line and others through the effects loop but still get my combinations of all in one foot tap? The only issue I have now is needing to run some effects in line, and delays and modulation throughout the amps FX loop. So, correct me if I'm wrong but I'de either need two of these units or some other system that does this job easier. Some Voodoo Labs, Rocktron or RJM units perhaps? One that can do multiple routing, is a bypass looper but also can create pedal combination presets, and do amp switching. Thanks for any help.KevinContinue

Started by Kevin Devogel in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Kevin Devogel Sep 28.

What is better; qualifications or experience? 5 Replies

Hello there,I've been wanting to get into a career in music as a sound tech and FOH, but I was wondering which path is better to take? Education/qualifications or experience?Thanks,CallumContinue

Tags: beginning, Experience

Started by callum leech in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by George "Banjo" McNeill Jul 24.

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