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Up for Discussion:

what's with all these $1000/week gigs advertised on this site? 172 Replies

I don't get it, these kind of weekly rates haven't been the norm since the early 90s... do people actually think they can get half decent and experienced crew at those rates? Does this mean that sites like this are unfortunately (and unintentionally) dragging down touring rates while trying to connect bands/managers with experienced crew? Thought this might be worth some discussion. cheersContinue

Started by Sean Richards in Tour Managers & Production. Last reply by Russell Sladek Feb 8, 2016.

All FOH Engineers. Where do you stand on channel input gain? 72 Replies

I was talking with a fellow FOH engineer about the desk starting point of input gain for all mic's at a live event. I start at "UNITY" then EQ, Compress (if needed) then adjust faders to about the same db for all channel inputs (some where about 10db), then adjust slightly (+,-) to get the mix sound I want. On the other hand my friend gains the mic's way up until they all peak "RED LIGHT" then backs them down 1-3 db then runs the faders on the desk anywhere from 20 db to 5 db per channel…Continue

Tags: unity, peaking, gain, input, Engineers

Started by Robert Davis in Audio Discussions. Last reply by Greg Cotter Oct 12, 2014.

Full Sail. Worth it? 68 Replies

I was wondering if Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fl was worth it. Anybody know? I am currently working on getting my degree from Columbia College in chicago in music business but i keep seeing all of these full sail commercials etc. and how they claim you can earn your degree within 2 years or so. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.Continue

Started by Mike Moses in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by Katharine Maupin Nov 26, 2015.

Favorite Digital Consoles? 46 Replies

What is everyone favorite digital console, or brand of digital console and why?Continue

Tags: Live, Sound, Consoles, Digital, Monitors

Started by Adam Zorn in Audio Discussions. Last reply by Milos Kovalevsky Dec 6, 2014.

What was your favorite tour? 35 Replies

Ever wondered who are the best Artists/Bands/Tours to work for?Tell us about the best tour you ever worked,and why it was so great.Looking forward to your replies!Photo Credit: Tim LawrenceContinue

Tags: Great, Favorite, Tour, Best

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by david talbott Mar 28, 2014.

Bus Mileage and Distance Between Cities 32 Replies

Hey guys...anyone know of a good resource for calculating mileage between cities, more or less estimating the routes that a bus would take? I know mapquest is one...any others?

Started by Teresa Gozdzielski in Transportation. Last reply by www.LaserLightShow.ORG Mar 20.

What's it like working on a cruise ship? 30 Replies

Cruise ships employ many people in Music and Touring Industries.Let's hear from those of you who have done this type of work on cruise ships before.Is this something worth looking into?Looking forward to your replies!Just Cruis'n Recruitment Is Accepting Resumes as of Jan 23rd 2013 Continue

Tags: Jobs, , ship, Cruise, , Cruise, Ship"

Started by Roadiejobs in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Luís Carlos Marciano Jr Aug 15, 2014.

A roadiejobs members-staffed production company? 23 Replies

Last week Logan Kilborn posted an idea in the Job Center comment wall about starting our own production company and asked that someone start a discussion forum on the subject and take it away from the Jobs forum. Here is that begining.I've been in the live event business almost exclusively since I started working full time in the 70s. I started running sound for a local bar band in the Midwest. After 7 years on the road doing bus tours I came to California and started working in the rental…Continue

Started by Dirk Belling in Tour Managers & Production. Last reply by Paul O. Rekward Mar 26, 2013.

To Teach or Not To Teach? Why keep "trade secrets"? 20 Replies

I started in the Entertainment industry when I was just 13 years old working at a Summer Stock theatre in N.W. Illinois.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some great people who didn't see me as this "annoying kid" but as a peer who worked side by side with them as a professional.  The basics of the industry to me where as natural as breathing, for I had been raised in a blue collar construction based family.  But it was the fine tuned details that I had to learn.  (Lingo,…Continue

Started by Kyle Simkins in General Discussion Forum. Last reply by Elizabeth Birt Apr 29, 2016.

How To Get Your First Backline Gig... 20 Replies

Depending on the size of a live concert tour, many people are employed behind the scenes to produce a successful show. Have you ever gone to a concert and wondered, "how do they get this whole stage set up, and torn down in one day?" Typically, a live concert production arrives at the venue between 7 am and 12 noon and is ready for showtime at 7 pm. After the show, the entire production is loaded back into trucks and is headed off to another city by 2 am for another load-in the next morning.…Continue

Tags: tech, drum, guitar, backline, roadie

Started by Roadiejobs in Advice For Aspiring Roadies. Last reply by LK Hunsaker Oct 18, 2009.

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